Snowden Crossing Sponsor Page
We the cast and crew of Snowden Crossing get a lot of requests with
respect to donations.  We would first like to thank you for your offer.

Any donations with respect to administrative costs for the show
(equipment, food, wardrobe, makeup, music) from a monetary perspective
should be made out to:

The PD Thomas Collective
770 California Street
Suite 406
San Francisco, CA  94108

If you would like to donate in a physical capacity (make up artist, musician,
your home, your office building, your restaurant, etc...) please contact us
through this website or send an e-mail to: or

If you would like us to try and get on in your area, please contact your local
Public Access Channel and send us the criteria for getting on to that
station and we will be more than happy to accomodate.

Thanks again for your continued support as viewers.  Make it a great day!!

Snowden Crossing