Snowden Crossing’s
Community Outreach

Snowden Crossing has a commitment to the community.  This is
exhibited in our multiple storylines.  Below we have listed the
storylines we are involved during the first season.  Please be
advised that we do not represent that our interpretation of how
things are and how people should react to things.  With each
storyline we offer each person who can identify a local
resource to contact and get the facts or whatever assistance

Cancer:  Snowden Crossing’s cancer storyline is
where we try and demonstrate some of the emotions and
choices one has to make with respect to battling cancer.  We
show a range of emotional and physical characteristics that are
associated with various forms of cancer.

In Howard County, The Claudia Mayer Cancer Resource Center
( is an excellent resource for questions in the
event that one of our viewers is going through something

Homosexuality:  Snowden Crossing explores
the budding relationship for two of our young male characters
as they embark upon their first homosexual relationship.  We
delve into how their families and friends deal with the issue of
sexuality.  We make an attempt to give all points of view on the
subject; some popular and others not so popular.

In Howard County, there is a local chapter of PFLAG
org/) that provides an excellent outlet for parents who are
either just coming out via their children or not yet ready to
come out.  There is emotional support as well as a kindred spirit
among all those who go to the regular meetings.

Domestic Violence and Rape:  
Snowden Crossing has interwoven several types of abuse into
a couple of storylines as well.  There are two instances of
spousal abuse and two forms of child abuse.  It is a very
delicate subject for most people to deal with so we give the
good, the bad, and the ugly.  It is unfortunate that we have to
address it, but we know that it is something that occurs on a
daily basis everywhere.

In Howard County, The Domestic Violence Center of Howard
( is available to families who are
experiencing abuse in any way shape or form.  Also, as part of
our rape storyline, we submit to our viewers the availability of a
Rape Crisis Center at Howard County General Hospital (

Remembering our Children:  
Snowden Crossing has a commitment to young people.  Our
main character volunteers at the Snowden Crossing Boys and
Girls club.  We find this organization to be a wonderful outlet
for all children, latch key in particular.  It is imperative that our
young people be looked after and not let to their own devices.  
While many find the internal resolve to stay on the straight and
narrow, far too often too much time alone causes young people
to get into the wrong kind of activities.  If we do nothing else,
we want to make sure that everyone who has a moment takes
the time to help a child when and where they can.

In Howard County, The Boys and Girls Club of Savage Maryland
( provides the young people of our
community with guidance and offers constructive programs
promoting responsibility, sportsmanship and leadership.

Tutors for Senior Parents:  PD
Thomas was raised by his grandparents.  Far too often was the
case that they were unable to assist with homework or familiar
with all of the school activities that went on.  We introduce this
storyline in hopes that teachers and grandparents would open
some dialogue.  For the Grandparents, if they are not familiar
with some of the homework or school activities that they not be
afraid to talk to the teachers and that the teachers would
provide some perhaps tutoring sessions for the Grandparents,
even some of the parents, so that they can see what there kids
are doing and be better able to assist them with their
homework or at least knowing if it is complete.  With us in a time
with programs like ‘No Child Left Behind’, we think that if both
parties responsible for the child’s education (parents/teachers)
would reach out to each other, we stand a better chance of that

Currently, we are unaware of a program that would encourage
that in Howard County.  It is our hope that some day soon, there
will be!