Snowden Crossing

                       SCOPE of the SHOW

Snowden Crossing is a lesson in diversity, embodying the spirit of the American
Dream, draped in fantasy, outlined in real life.

The foreground of the show chronicles the life and times of several families in a
fictitious suburban town just outside of Washington, DC.  Two main families in the
town, the MacKenzies, and the King’s, have been at odds for ages.  The conflict
stems from wrongs committed from generations past and a peaceful resolution does
not appear to be anywhere in sight.

The background of the show is two fold.  First, a multitude of social issues are
exposed and addressed throughout various storylines.  Issues include abuse (drug,
child, and spouse), cancer, homosexuality, rape, infidelity, interracial relationships,
and education.  The positions expressed in each show or storyline are taken in order
to initiate dialogue in the homes of viewers.  The show makes an attempt to bring the
family unit (immediate, extended, community) back together through meaningful and
truthful conversations on subjects that have an affect on them directly or indirectly.

The second underlying purpose for the show is to be a showcase for talented
performers in the DC Metropolitan area.  All of the music and actors are in/from the
DC Metropolitan area.  Increasing the awareness of the talent that is local and
generate enough buzz to put DC into the playing field alongside NY and LA is a major
aim for the show as well.

Entertaining, thought provoking, realifantasy…try it…we dare you.