Whispers from Snowden
Snowden Crossing has been blessed with a bevy of great talent.  Below lists the
great local musicians who have graced our show with their music.
Confidence Man:  Fresh new rock music! Punk-tinged rockers! Minor-keyed
boot-knockers!  They have been an enormous help from the start and forever
appreciate their talent.  They can be heard on Episodes
Jim T. is a solo artist who has become known by Executive Staff as the voice of
Snowden Crossing.  His melodic heartfelt songs find that soft spot in everyone's
heart and doesn't let go.  Look for big things from Jim!!  Jim can be heard at the
end of Episodes
Raquel is our treasured diamond in the ruff.  She came out of nowhere and blew
us away with the theme song for two of our main characters.  Older man can be
heard at the end of Episode 2.
James Stevens is one of our gems.  He captivated us with his comfortable
heartfelt songs.  We loved his voice so much we made one of his songs the
theme song for the show.