Family Name:  The MacKenzie's
Company Name: The MacKenzie
Lori Lewis
Jessica "Jessie" MacKenzie

When swinging bachelor Jessie “Mac” MacKenzie married the strong
willed Constance “Connie” MacKenzie, it was a match made in heaven.  
They had three lovely daughters, Veronica (Ronnie), Alexandra (Alex),
and Jessica (Jesse).

Mac and Connie built an empire together at the great loss of personal
time with their daughters.  Ronnie, the eldest daughter always yearned
for more attention from her parents and never felt she was able to get
it.  Alex, the peacemaker, and Jessie recognize there was some
inequality and allow Ronnie to vent her issues via various personal

During a rough period in the marriage between Mac and Connie, Mac
was unfaithful to Connie.  From that liaison came a daughter.  Mac
implored with the child’s mother to do the right thing as she was dying,
but the mother refused and made Mac promise not to interfere with her
or the baby going forward.  Mac complied, but confided in his wife.  
Connie feeling a baby would bring them closer together bore Jessie a
short time after.

Some time later, Connie realized she could not handle the fact that
there was another child aimlessly in the world that was from her
husband.  She filed for divorce and abandoned Mac and her three

Mac has since remarried, a younger woman, much to the dismay of
Ronnie, the ambivalence of Alex, and the delight of Jessie.  This series
begins at this stage in the MacKenzie’s lives.
Clarance Fletcher
Jesse "Mac" MacKenzie
Alexandra "Alex" MacKenzie
Arva Sheri
Veronica "Ronnie" MacKenzie